Corporate Governance

Science Partners Pty Ltd was formed in May 2006 with the aim of providing excellence in advice, practical assistance, training and supporting services in governance, policy and standards implementation for industry and business.

The primary areas of activity are Health, Safety, Environment (including Greenhouse), Quality, Product Management and related business processes. Our personnel also have experience in sustainable development and public reporting.

Experienced business managers recognise that effective governance of these business aspects is a fundamental obligation and involves many facets of general management. For this reason, business leaders place a priority on the effective implementation of high quality management systems.

Science Partners brings together a team of outstanding professionals whose complementary skill sets and experience represent a valuable resource for setting and maintaining high standards in any corporation.

The members of the Science Partners team have worked with or for large multinationals in a variety of positions including senior management and consultancy. This experience has included working with government instrumentalities and departments in Australia’s highly regulated business environment and with businesses across Asia-Pacific/Middle East.

Science Partners’ network of associates provides services as diverse as

· Authoritative advice to boards and management teams including HSE due diligence and duty of care

· Implementation and maintenance of various management systems

· Audit and assurance programs

· Special studies and investigations

· Innovative safety culture programs

· High level technical assistance in environmental management in areas such as environmental licence reporting, action planning (e.g. National Packaging Covenant), risk assessment and emissions calculations (e.g. National Pollutant Inventory).

Science Partners prides itself in its flexibility, innovation and contribution of value to its clients’ businesses.



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