CSR Reporting

Organisations of all sizes, especially large public corporations, are now expected to provide a report card to the world - the Corporate Social Responsibility Report.

Stakeholders expect these reports (also known as Social Reports, Public Reports and Sustainability Reports) to be of high quality refelcting the organisation's value and contribution to the world.

Standards such as the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G3 are being used as the measure of CSR Reporting. Corporate watchdogs now routinely appraise companies by comparing their espoused values and CSR Reports with their verifiable actions.

The sustainability of organisations (economic, social and environmental) is now subject to evaluation by instruments such as the Dow Jones Sustainabiity Index which is taken as a measure of investment potential and organisational value. For these reasons, it is critical that CSR reports are comprehensive and accurate.quality CSR reporting engenders stakeholder confidence and is therefore an essential part of the overall organisational reporting effort.

Science Partners will assist your organisation to produce your CSR report to the highest possible standard.

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