Facilitated Management Review

Management Review is the joining link in the continuous improvement chain for any management system.

Effective HSE Management Review is the keystone in the development of healthy organisational culture, enhanced HSE performance and sustained improvement.

Real leaders, effective leaders, have detailed knowledge of their businesses, both strengths and weaknesses. They are able to effectively assign responsibilities, delegate actions and then drive execution. They undertake HSE Management Review specifically for that reason – EXECUTION.

Facilitated HSE Management Review allows

·    all management team members to participate in review processes, debates, conversations and team work

·    the team to harness the full benefits of the diversity within the team including individual thinking styles

·    better leadership team dynamics during the review

·    duty of care - demonstration and increased awareness

·    an opportunity for competency development of the team

·    guidance through the process by an expert

Management Review should be both retrospective and prospective. Where leadership teams use the Management Review as an ideal opportunity to consolidate plans, Science Partners can provide an experienced hand in conducting the planning process and in plan documentation.

Science Partners can facilitate your Management Review to satisfy your specific review objectives in compliance with your Management System.

We will consult with your team to produce an effective agenda that is comprehensive, enjoyable and engaging, energising your team and giving it a renewed sense of commitment. Science Partners can also assist with the pre-work and documentation of the review.

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