Incident investigation

One of the very best ways to achieve better OHS performance begins with a clear understanding of incident causation.

Structured incident investigation can help identify root causes and, over time, can identify systemic weaknesses which may lead to incidents in organisations.

Incident investigation techniques can be used to analyse a wide variety of problems. For example, many modern companies suffer from white collar crime, such as fraud, and security problems. Root cause analysis which is part of incident investigation can identify weaknesses which occur in management frameworks and company procedures. It is a useful technique in both security and human resources as well as OHS and environmental management.

It is important that investigations are performed by professionals who have excellent communication skills, emotional intelligence, enquiring minds and who have good powers of synthesis. It is also important that the recommendations arising from investigations are clear and practical. Final reports are frequently documents of great importance and so lead investigators must be competent in high level technical report writing.

Finally, the lead investigator must be a person who carries authority to engage constructively with the senior members of an organisation. He or she must be persuasive and able to explain sometimes complex issues with clarity. These people are often in short supply.

Science Partners can provide authoritative and skilled senior personnel to lead and facilitate your incident investigation. Our investigation staff has experience in complex manufacturing environments and expertise in the methods of root cause analysis. We respect your concerns with the greatest possible confidentiality and can conduct the investigation under conditions of legal professional privilege.

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