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Science Partners was founded to help our clients achieve corporate governance excellence especially in respect of Health, Safety and Environment issues. Leadership in corporate governance and business profitability go hand in hand. Good governance promotes a healthy culture, innovation and business sustainability.

Science Partners can help to maintain the health, viability and profitability of your organisation through high quality governance services. We aim to be involved in businesses forging a bright future.

SP publishes an email newsletter, usually a single page,  approximately every 3 months. It contains information concerning developments in legislation and is presented in an easily understood form. If you would like to sign up to that newsletter, please use the form below.

Science Partners serves both business and government. We are based in Melbourne, Australia, and will travel to wherever we are needed.

Please explore our services and call us for a chat on +61 3 9836 4337.

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John Quilligan

East Africa Famine, Drought, Conflict

(Science Partners supports UNICEF. Please click on the link if you can help also.) 

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